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parenting as a second languageDiane Ross-Glazer thought of herself as a parenting expert until she had her third child, Alexa, whose prickly, unpredictable behavior led to tears, temper tantrums, and screaming matches. It led Dr. Ross-Glazer on a journey to discover what goes wrong in the communication between parents and their children.

What Dr. Ross-Glazer discovered was that she and Alexa were speaking different languages: She was speaking in the language of thoughts while Alexa was speaking in the language of feelings. To communicate better, Dr. Ross-Glazer would have to learn a "Foreign Language” – the language of feelings.

In the process of learning that Second Language, Dr. Ross-Glazer realized a vital psychological pathway exists between thoughts and feelings. For children (and adults) to be emotionally healthy the pathway, which she called the Head-Heart Connection, has to be intact. When that pathway is disrupted, feelings can become trapped inside the heart, causing behavior to go awry.

In When Parenting Is A Foreign Language, Dr. Ross-Glazer provides parents with crucial insight and specific tools to help their child avoid the pain of a Head-Heart disconnection.

In this book, Dr. Ross-Glazer will:

• Help you learn to speak your child’s language and understand your child’s thought process
• Show you how your actions impact your child’s psychological development
• Introduce you to the simple, yet vital concept of the Head-Heart Connection
• Teach you step-by-step how to repair the Head-Heart Connection should it break and how to maintain
    that connection once repaired
• Explain how consistent, child-centered discipline helps keep the head and heart connected

Though When Parenting Is A Foreign Language is directed at parents, the concepts Dr. Ross-Glazer teaches apply to adults as well. Everyone can learn something from reading this entertaining, and highly instructive parenting book.